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President leads rally through capital

DAKAR | The aging president of Senegal tried to divert attention from growing street protests calling for his resignation and prove that he still had grass-roots support by leading an impromptu rally through the capital late Tuesday.

Reporters were told to come to the presidential palace to meet with President Abdoulaye Wade’s spokesman.

Instead, the 85-year-old president showed up in person and invited reporters to follow his motorcade through neighborhoods in Dakar that just last week were immobilized by youths burning tires.

Several thousand people came out to see him, including in the Niari-Tally neighborhood, a one-time Wade fief now known as an opposition stronghold.

Although people ran after his motorcade and applauded, the crowds were significantly smaller than what he used to draw.


Elderly Kenyans threaten U.K. colonial abuse lawsuit

NAIROBI | Thousands of elderly Kenyans are preparing to sue the British government over abuses - including torture, illegal detentions and rape - its forces allegedly committed during suppression of a 1950s anti-colonial rebellion, a lawyer representing the group said Wednesday.

The group of Kenyans is motivated by the progress of a case by four other elderly Kenyans, who were given the go-ahead by a British court last year to sue the U.K. government for alleged abuses during Britain’s colonial occupation of Kenya, said lawyer Donald Rabala.


Ties to Iran under scrutiny

JOHANNESBURG | The West’s increasing pressure on Iran has meant scrutiny for South African businesses that operate in the Middle Eastern nation, which is accused of having nuclear ambitions.

South African-Iranian political ties have been close for a long time, and that has meant close business ties.

A politically connected South African telecommunications company has been accused of pushing Pretoria to support Iran’s nuclear power program.

A South African energy-and-chemicals company is reviewing its Iranian investments. Iranian oil makes up nearly a third of South Africa’s oil imports.

Iran denies charges from the United States and its allies that it is trying to produce an atomic weapon and says its nuclear programs are for energy and other peaceful needs.

South Africa, the only nation in the world to have voluntarily surrendered a nuclear weapons program, says all nations should have the right to exploit atomic energy’s peaceful potential. South Africa has uranium reserves and its own nuclear power program.

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