- The Washington Times - Friday, January 27, 2012


Though illogical, we must accept that despite three-plus years of abject failure on the domestic and international fronts, President Obama has a better-than-average chance of re-election.

Why? There are three important reasons. First, Hollywood types, labor unions, academics, environmental activists and guilt-ridden, wealthy liberals will provide the funding for him to smear the opposition viciously. Second, liberal media will rush to his defense, not based on his policies, but based on an illusion of what he represents. Finally, recipients of entitlements will continue to buy into the propaganda that big government protects and benefits them.

Republicans can capture the White House by coalescing three groups: conservatives who must provide funding and vote en masse, moderates and independents who understand the need for less government, less regulation, lower spending, and fewer taxes and deficits, and lastly, those millions of working-class Democrats, sometimes referred to as Reagan Democrats, who don’t buy into radical, left-wing ideology.

To create this coalition, Republican candidates need to focus on what they can and will do rather than on what their opponents have done. Every word uttered should demonstrate the differences between their shared beliefs and the failed policies of Mr. Obama. The candidates must acknowledge that defeating Mr. Obama and saving the future of America is far more important than individual achievement.

So, GOP contenders, put a stop to the infighting and give us your plans and ideas for the future. We the people are intelligent enough to decide whom among you is most capable of defeating Mr. Obama.


Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.



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