- The Washington Times - Tuesday, June 26, 2012


In “Chance to block Obama’s war on coal” (Commentary, June 20), Phil Kerpen notes that President Obama’s stated goals in his war on coal have included bankrupting the industry and bringing about skyrocketing electricity rates. What’s more, the Maximum Achievable Control Technology standards and greenhouse-gas regulations are to be the president’s regulatory tools of choice to achieve these ends.

Health benefits supposedly accruing from these regulations will pale in comparison to the damage to both Americans’ health and well-being that will surely derive from the rationing of central air conditioning, especially in the South and West. So thanks to Mr. Obama and his Environmental Protection Agency’s “crucify and control” approach toward our domestic-coal industry, electricity rates will soon begin to “skyrocket.”

Like it or not, air conditioning results from electricity, which is under assault nationwide. The end result of this battle is that air conditioning, that wonderful technology that absolutely, positively, lifted the humid and tropical southern states and the desert Southwest out of their slothlike doldrums, will soon be unaffordable to all but the ruling class. We will then revert back to the “good old summer days” of open windows, fans and paper weights, killer heat waves, heat stroke and federal furloughs.

Other blunders aside, the Luddite skyrocketing of electric rates promises to be Mr. Obama’s Achilles heel. Opportunity knocks for Mitt Romney. He should point out the coming air conditioning shortage and on Election Day, the southern tier of states will be his.





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