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Perhaps it’s time to admit that the Democrats are right: Republicans are conducting a war on women, and there is a very good reason we are able to do so. You see, Republican women are actually “fembots.” We Republican men have all our women converted at a secret location. Part of the process requires lowering the robots’ IQs and making them totally submissive to our every wish. The conversion of our women to fembots leaves Republicans free to attack Democratic women without fear of consequences at home.

The Democrats have made attempts to counter the Republican fembots with their own version, the “nagbots,” using Democratic National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman Shultz as the mold.

Obviously, this is all absurd, as is the Democrats’ claims that Republicans are conducting a war on women. The claims speak of the desperate state of the Obama campaign’s inability to run for re-election on a single accomplishment.

The contention that there is a “war on women” highlights just how contemptuous the political left is of voter intellect. Only someone with an IQ three points above a rock or a Democratic Party ideologue would believe Republicans are actually conducting any sort of war on women’s rights.

It also highlights the fact that the Obama administration can’t campaign on the successes of the president’s agenda. All it can do is offer up contrived issues in the hope of distracting voters from 3 1/2 years of miserably failed policies.

The reality is that the socialists masquerading as the modern Democratic Party, led by President Obama, have nothing to offer America but a failed agenda.


Westerly, R.I.

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