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An influential doctors group wants to foist abortion pills on underage girls. In a report published Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) urged physicians to write advance prescriptions for teens under the theory that they’re more likely to take advantage of the morning-after pill to prevent pregnancy if they have it on hand before actually needing it. In addition to disturbing moral implications, this practice raises long-term health concerns.

Under current law, girls younger than 17 can’t purchase emergency contraceptives over the counter. This means they may have to wait to get a prescription from their doctor for the morning-after pill. By putting the controversial pill on store shelves or handing out prescriptions like candy, the way it is used will change drastically. Instead of being a last-resort, the abortion pills will be used as simply another form of birth control.

AAP’s report scolds physicians whose “personal values … continue to affect emergency-contraception access, particularly for adolescents.” Forget about abstinence or involving parents in these life-impacting discussions. Pediatricians aren’t interested in questioning the ethical decision-making of adolescents.

Even though the group admits, “No studies have demonstrated that improved access to emergency contraception reduces the pregnancy rate in a population,” the AAP wants doctors to implement the easy-access plan. There have been no studies on the long-term effects of emergency contraceptives on the developing reproductive systems of young girls, nor have there been substantive reviews of the health effects on women at any age. Some doctors worry that this pill could reduce fertility later in life and the increased risk of ectopic pregnancies. If health were the true goal, physicians wouldn’t be proposing to use vulnerable teenagers as guinea pigs.

Providing Plan B to teenagers is an increasingly popular trend. In September, New York City made headlines when 13 of its public schools began to dish out abortion pills to girls as young as 14 without their parents’ knowledge or consent. While no other school district in the United States has followed suit so far, the Big Apple sets a alarming, and not entirely logical, precedent.

When it comes to dispensing goodies, the left considers young people to be “children” until well into their 20s — Obamacare, for example, forces parents to pay for the health insurance of their offspring up to age 26. Now liberals want to grant children as young as 14 license to make “adult” decisions without their parents’ involvement, as long as it involves promiscuity. Their willingness to put the health and well-being of girls at risk in a social experiment is reprehensible.

With Obamacare mandates forcing people of faith to pay for contraception and abortion, this is likely just the beginning. Having municipal bureaucrats, the Obama administration and leftist doctors substitute their judgment for parents is not the answer to the problem of teen pregnancy.

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