- - Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pollster John Zogby grades the president’s week and how its events affect his re-election chances.

Grade: B

“The election is tomorrow and we still don’t know who will win. Neither candidate has been able to sustain more than a few days of momentum, and as of this writing the popular vote is tied. In the key battleground states, more polls (especially the later ones) have President Obama leading Republican challenger Mitt Romney but not by enough to be safe.

“Meanwhile, Mr. Obama had a chance to do what only presidents (and not former governors) can do — look ‘presidential.’ The storm has rocked the nation, the president responded, and he won high praise from the Republican governor of New Jersey and the independent mayor of New York. Mr. Romney was knocked off his game and out of the news cycle for a long time. The storm also knocked Libya out of the discussion, and the news from the Labor Department about jobs is not likely to hurt Mr. Obama. Good week for the president — but not enough to close the deal. Mr. Romney still has his game on.”

Last week’s grade: D

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