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In my heart, I cannot fathom that the land I love will be well on its way to becoming a socialist state come Nov. 6 should President Obama win re-election. We have been going down a slippery slope, an insidious slide into socialism, Mr. Obama’s dream. If we cannot rescue America and turn this around right now, I fear for the future of our country and its citizens. We will not recognize Mr. Obama’s America.

With four more years of the current administration, we will become a country struggling to maintain a steady economy. America doesn’t have enough money to tackle the enormous debt Mr. Obama has placed on the backs of its citizens and future generations. Taxes are about to skyrocket as the Bush tax cuts expire in January and Obamacare kicks in. Gas prices are so high that many cannot afford a fill-up. People are out of work and the job market has dried up. In my neighborhood, I see households merging just to make ends meet.

Businesses are closing down or cutting back because of tighter regulations and the higher costs of mandatory health care. Seniors’ 401(k)s are now 101(k)s, and many cannot afford to retire. Obamacare has denied us freedom of religion by mandating that we pay for everyone’s birth control and abortion procedures against our good consciences. Our borders are dangerous and penetrable. Mr. Obama shows contempt for our Constitution and sidesteps our laws. He is a Muslim sympathizer and has proved to be no friend of Israel, our only ally in the Middle East. Mr. Obama is an appeaser who has weakened our country and military, and our enemies know it. We are headed for unchartered waters, bringing chaos and martial law if we do not change course.

Meanwhile, Obama supporters are giddy over their new cellphones. Unfortunately, most voters are only concerned with what the government can do for them by using other people’s money. It is a selfish generation. Who would have ever guessed that our demise as a free and sovereign nation would come from within?


Berwyn Heights, Md.

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