- The Washington Times - Monday, September 10, 2012


The director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principals complained recently that the Republican National Convention speakers didn’t talk about immigration (“Spanish-language reports ‘obsessed’ on immigration,” Page 1, Friday). He didn’t specify whether he was speaking of legal or illegal immigration.

It’s hard to believe that Americans of Hispanic descent would support illegal immigration. They are suffering unemployment like other Americans and they don’t want illegal aliens undercutting their chances of finding employment by asking for cut-rate wages. That was the fear of Cesar Chavez when he was organizing the United Farm Workers Union. In fact, he even sent his cousin and others to the border to stop illegal immigrants from entering the United States, by force if necessary, so they wouldn’t undercut the wages of those joining his union.

When speaking about immigration, the director of the LPCP should have specified which type of immigration the convention should have been addressing.





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