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Clint Eastwood’s speech during the Republican National Convention was a tour de force (“Clint Eastwood adds Hollywood glitter to GOP gathering,” Web, Aug. 30). The phrase “crazy like a fox” comes to mind as liberal pundits still labor to understand Mr. Eastwood’s sense of humor, while the real import of his performance soaks in.

No, Mr. Eastwood isn’t a stroke victim, but a purveyor of a stroke of genius. He got all the liberal commentators bashing him, which got some of the closed-minded Obama fans to view the speech online or read the text online. Some of them probably “got it” despite the media’s befuddlement. Mr. Eastwood’s performance was perfectly understood in Tampa, Fla., and in many conservative, libertarian and independent living rooms across America. The usual claims that the Republican National Convention was a big bore were thus proved false. Thanks, Clint.

All the folks who were in such a tizzy and kept making “old” jokes about Mr. Make-My-Day had better remember: Those of us of a certain age — and older — are watching and listening, and we’re not liking the dismissiveness that was displayed across the liberal domain in its rush to denounce Dirty Harry.

If older folks like me ramble or don’t deliver our thoughts as perfectly as written on a teleprompter, we now know how the left really regards our concerns. We are, once again, made acutely aware that the people who will sit on the “panels” (called “death panels” by Sarah Palin) created by Obamacare will be minions of the current administration — an administration supported by the very voices clamoring, “Poor old Clint has lost his marbles.” Thank you again, Clint, for reminding seniors that the wisdom of age and experience often confuses those who haven’t achieved either.


Clifton, Va.

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