- The Washington Times - Monday, April 1, 2013


Along with their proposed solutions — such as defending yourself with scissors against an attacker who enters your workplace with weapons — the Democrats have a vice president who would find himself more suited to a spot on “Saturday Night Live” than the current position he holds.

Advice that you go out on your veranda and fire a double-barreled shotgun upward or through your front door before it’s opened to reveal whether you have an attacker or a hysterical neighbor is nonsense. It should bring to light the totally illogical beliefs of the Democratic Party. For any individual who still has the power of true logical deduction — something that during the past couple of decades has been successfully erased from the minds of our younger generations — the solutions proposed by the Democratic spokesmen should also bring to light at least some of the Democrats’ true intentions. The party wishes to do away with not only Second Amendment freedoms, it is also seemingly determined to slowly remove the freedoms guaranteed to every one of us under our now-weakened Constitution.

Of course, if the entire objective of this party were unmasked, I think they would have the same level of success they had during the early 1900s, when they continued to unsuccessfully run their candidates under the banner of the Socialist or Communist parties.


Weeki Wachee, Fla.



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