- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 11, 2013

A new Mexican Barbie in Mattel’s “Dolls of the World” series has sparked outrage among those who think the doll perpetuates offensive stereotypes.

The revamped collection, initially launched 30 years ago, features a line of various Barbie dolls, most of which hail from Latin America. However, its newest addition, the Mexican Barbie, has sparked some backlash.

“The folks over at Mattel are so smart, that not only they have come up with a Mexican Barbie, but they have given her all the possible tools to go around the U.S. the world undisturbed [sic],” journalist Laura Martinez wrote in her blog.

The pink passport is included with all the dolls in the collection, but its inclusion with Mexican Barbie and the pet chihuahua she carries struck a nerve among readers in social media, International Business Times reports.

“‘Mexican Barbie’: Only doll in International Collection that needs to show her passport. Unbelievable,” Twitter user @CSGRealty wrote.

“Dolls of the World” also includes a Chilean Barbie, who wears a knee-length black skirt with a ruffled blouse, and an Argentinean Barbie, who wears tango attire, with a ruffled blue dress and a black lace shawl, Fox News Latino reports.



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