- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 11, 2013

Five women have been detained for questioning at the Western Wall in Jerusalem because they performed a religious ritual that Orthodox Jewish law dictates as for men only.

Authorities are trying to reach a compromise with the women, who are part of a growing movement aimed at overturning the ban, BBC reported.

The Western Wall is divided into gender-specific sections. On Thursday, about 120 women arrived at the female section to pray, BBC reported. Five of them wore religious articles of clothing — the BBC said they donned phylacteries, kippot and colorful prayer shawls — that are traditionally worn only by Orthodox Jewish men who lead prayer services.

Nearly 100 men who were praying at the male-designated spot noticed the women’s garb and starting mocking and heckling them, BBC reported. Meanwhile, one of the women joined in the denouncement of the five, BBC said.

The five detained are non-repentant. They plan to continue to lead prayers — and wear the traditional clothing — at the same site on the wall every month, BBC said.



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