- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just a few days after Pat Robertson said he believed there isn’t “any sin associated” with being transgender, the televangelist made some questionable comments regarding birth control, Ben Johnson at LifeSiteNews.com first reported.

“Yes, birth control is absolutely an important thing for people to use because you want to be able to look after children,” the 83-year-old said after a viewer asked whether contraception is a sin. “I think the idea of being able to determine when and how is a very important part of humanity.”

Mr. Roberson worries that many Americans are having children without the means to care for them.

“That’s the big problem, especially in Appalachia. They don’t know about birth control,” he continued. “They just keep having babies and you see a string of all these little ragamuffins and not enough food to eat and so forth. It’s desperate poverty.”



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