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These days, pro-abortion activists are throwing out-of-control, attention-grabbing temper tantrums both here and around the world. One factor, obviously, is the prevalence of pictures from inside the womb showing preborn babies growing and looking adorable. No wonder more and more people are opposing abortion.

How do you explain, though, the Daily Kos member who called that babe-in-the-womb a “parasite”?

How do you explain actions that are even worse?

Recently, pro-abortion activists came to Texas to fight for a woman’s right to abortion, even after 20 weeks. Some protesters held signs — and forced toddlers to hold signs — with shocking, coarse and vulgar sentiments. Small children also held signs with pictures of wire coat hangers on them. A pro-life state senator received messages that said, “I hope you’re raped,” and “I hope your daughter’s raped.” Texas police confiscated jars of urine, feces and paint from pro-abortion supporters who planned throw them at lawmakers and pro-life supporters inside the Capitol building.

As for tolerance and civility, evidently they’re only expected from pro-lifers.

Here are some examples of the worldwide intolerance and hate spewed in the name of abortion:

Early this month, in Seoul, three outstanding female, pro-life physicians (obstetrician-gynecologists) were invited to speak at the Medical Women’s International Association. They were told at the last minute that their presentations on the complications from abortion were canceled. Their host, the head of a 680-member group of Korean ob-gyn doctors who no longer perform abortions, then scheduled press interviews for the women, which included a television interview. The secretary-general of the association stormed into the interview room, yelled at their host and the press for holding the interviews and declared, “This interview is over.” Upon exiting the room to find another place to continue, a fistfight almost ensued, forcing the three doctors to continue their interviews in another location.

In July, a cathedral in Santiago, Chile, was vandalized during a Mass. Abortion supporters destroyed confessionals and defaced side altars with blasphemous graffiti after attending a pro-abortion march demanding legalized abortion. The protesters were upset, in part, because an 11-year-old rape victim wanted to keep her baby rather than abort it, repudiating their arguments that legalized abortion would help her.

In March, in Warsaw, a group of angry men who support abortion attacked some pro-life women who showed up at a feminist rally with a pro-life banner showing the picture of a woman killed during a botched abortion.

Last October, in Posadas, Argentina, during the 27th National Women’s Conference, 500 angry feminist activists tried to storm a cathedral but were rebuffed by a human chain of faithful Catholics. The protesters spray-painted the church defenders’ clothes and faces, spit in their faces, hurled obscenities at them, made immoral gestures and defaced the walls of the cathedral.

A month later, in Buenos Aires, another pro-abortion mob tried to storm the Metropolitan Cathedral, but protesters were again prevented from entering by the faithful. Frustrated, they shouted insults, blasphemed Jesus Christ and threw eggs at the cathedral, hitting a priest inside.

Texas is not the only state to see “pro-aborts” lash out at people trying to defend the lives of babies. In 2012, there were several incidents. In Bremerton, Wash., a pro-abortion supporter stopped his car, got out, and started swearing and hitting a pro-life activist. In the comments section after a July 2012 Newsweek article about pro-life leaders, someone posted the home address of one of the couples. Their home was vandalized with windows being broken and obscenities and coat hangers spray-painted on their home. An elderly pro-life activist was thrown off his bicycle, resulting in a broken hip. A witness heard the pro-abortion attacker yell, “I’m pro-choice” and “You don’t have a right to be here.”

In January, a pro-life display on the campus of DePaul University in Chicago was destroyed by 20 vandals. In April, a professor at the University of Buffalo went ballistic, yelling obscenities at students when she came upon a pro-life display on campus. In June, a pro-life display of crosses to remember aborted babies was destroyed at St. Helen’s Catholic Church in Ohio.

These temper tantrums are increasing as abortion arguments crumble in the face of science, technology and faith. Pro-abortion supporters do not want the truth to be known and take opportunities to squash free speech, harass those with whom they disagree, and destroy anything that conveys the truth that abortion equals the death of a preborn baby.

Janice Shaw Crouse is a senior fellow at Concerned Women for America’s Beverly LaHaye Institute and author of “Children at Risk” (Transaction Publishers, 2010) and Marriage Matters (Transaction Publishers, 2012).

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