- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 22, 2013


Excluding many country-western singers, most entertainers and probably 99 percent of Hollywood’s elite, after becoming very rich in our capitalist, free-market society, develop a totally disdainful attitude toward America and our way of life and governance (“Celebrity sales force recruited to sell Obamacare to the young,” Web, July 22).

The actors and actresses are the guiltiest. Ironically, their artistic value is being great liars, genuine phonies. They get paid big bucks for pretending to be someone else. This talent adds nothing to our society other than a little humor or a few moments of enjoyment. Once successful, these people become role models, heroes, even idols.

The shallow, lofty fame they acquire seems to make them think they are automatic political gurus — and given a bully pulpit, they spew their uninformed venom about their “warmongering” country and what greedy and vile people we are.

One last, scary thought: They all adore President Obama.


Charlotte, Nev.



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