- The Washington Times - Monday, August 5, 2013

While taking part in a BBC family history show, award-winning actress Minnie Driver was shocked to find out that her mother was actually her father’s mistress, and he had a secret double life and family living elsewhere.

Miss Driver found out when she was 12 that her father, Ronnie Driver, had another wife and children, but she never knew much about them. Mr. Driver set them up in a U.K. flat, and for many years his other family never knew they even existed, The Telegraph reported.

Miss Driver found out on BBC One’s “Who Do You Think You Are?” that the woman he was married to was Ada Wood Stancliffe, and they had a son, the actor Leslie Stancliffe, The Telegraph said. He died in 1947, but his daughter — Miss Driver’s half-cousin Jean — is alive and the show brought the two relatives together for the first time, The Telegraph reported.

“It makes me wonder for my father, why he chose to keep everything so secret,” Miss Driver said. “It would have been nice to talk to him about it all.”

The actress said having her son made her want to find out more about her family history through the genealogy show, which will air Wednesday, The Telegraph reported.

“Having a baby obviously changes everything, and Henry made me want to connect with who I really am I suppose,” she said.



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