- - Wednesday, December 11, 2013


President Obama and his Democratic acolytes on Capitol Hill support free enterprise and capitalism only insofar as they allow them to mine the pockets of the capitalists and their employees for their redistribution schemes (“Owning the means of counterproduction,” Commentary, Dec. 6).

When Mr. Obama leaves office, he will find raw capitalism at work among his former White House staffers, minders and grovelers. When publishing companies begin waving five-, six- and seven-figure advances for tell-all books, many of his former lackeys, including Cabinet secretaries, will become capitalists and only too happy to partake of the free-enterprise system. All the president’s skulduggery, scheming, lies and cover-ups will be revealed. These opportunists will be more than happy to have book profits “redistributed” to themselves. Instead of “Dreams of My Father,” he will have a ghost-written book titled “Nightmares of My Staff.”




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