- The Washington Times - Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Paris-bound Air France plane was grounded in Caracas, Venezuela, on Saturday after authorities determined it may have been targeted by terrorists.

Venezuela and French officials did not offer details about the earlier tip that a terrorist group was possibly planning to plant an explosive device on the plane and detonate it in midair, The Associated Press reported.

“We don’t want to speculate on the motives because the information comes directly from French intelligence services,” said Venezuelan Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres, adding that 60 technicians, bomb experts and a canine team would search the plane before it is flown again.

Passengers preparing to board Air France Flight 385 on Saturday evening said they were told at the last minute that it was being delayed so that the Airbus A340-300 aircraft could be checked, AP reported. No reason was given.

“We only learned reading Twitter that it could’ve been a bomb,” passenger Jesus Arandia said.



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