- - Tuesday, December 17, 2013


The latest budget deal shows the stupidity of our nation’s irresponsible leaders. The fact that Democrats and Republicans continue to kick this financial can down the road is astonishing (“Filling out the budget agreement scorecard,” Commentary, Dec. 17).

As America dramatically declines in power and wealth, these self-important simpletons continue to do nothing to fix America’s problems. President Obama and the Washington establishment continue to do business as usual. They overspend on things we don’t need. They pile millions of dollars in pork on bills that have nothing to do with the legislation being considered. They waste money on bloated and heavily bureaucratic government programs we can’t afford.

Just when you think they can’t get any more foolish, along comes Obamacare. The Obamacare debacle is in the process of destroying our health care system and financially crippling millions of Americans. Obamacare will make our nation’s dire national debt situation that much worse. These brainy politicians couldn’t open a Kool-Aid stand without borrowing $1 billion from the nation’s treasury to get it started, and after opening it, they would have to borrow another billion just to comply with all the rules, red tape and foolish laws they have passed over the years.

The truth is that the United States of America, once the wealthiest, most prosperous nation in world history, is going to collapse from wildly irresponsible financial policies. Few leaders in Washington will take this reality seriously and stop the madness. Democrats and Republicans must stop playing political games and agree to save the country.

Kokomo, Ind.

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