- The Washington Times - Thursday, December 19, 2013

Researchers have launched a fundraising campaign to help them create what they suggest will be the next biggest pet product on the market — bigger even than the automatic food dispenser or the hole in the door that lets dogs and cats enter and exit at will: The “No More Woof” that reads and translates thoughts.

HLN reported that the brains behind the product is a small Scandinavian laboratory, the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery. On their website, researchers tout the product — currently in concept stage — as “the first device to translate animal thoughts into human language.”

The device, aptly dubbed “No More Woof,” is designed like a headset, complete with recorders and microcomputers that help analyze information and brain waves from the dog, and then translate them into human language, Business Insider reported. The device is placed atop the dog’s head.

But researchers say they need money — at least $10,000 — to bring the design to reality, and they’ve started a fundraising site on Indiegogo.





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