- - Wednesday, December 25, 2013


A federal judge has ruled that the polygamous participants of a Utah-based reality-TV show, “Sister Wives,” are exercising a constitutional right of consenting adults to “marry” whoever they will (“Marriage by reality TV,” Comment & Analysis, Dec. 18). Your editorial concludes, “We should not look to reality-TV celebrities for answers to such momentous questions.” Why not? What is President Obama and his health care website, if not a reality-TV celebrity concoction offering answers to momentous questions?

According to Young America’s Foundation spokesman Ashley Pratte, those who “know a bad Web deal when they see it” are rejecting Obamacare on that basis (“Why Millennials are jumping off the Obamacare bandwagon,” Commentary, Dec. 18). I would submit that most of our poll-driven politics is nothing but a bid for something analogous to reality-TV ratings. It’s as fake as that sign-language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service.

Not all is preening fantasy. There’s at least one reality show worth watching. Check out the latest come-from-behind exploits of the Baltimore Ravens. Now that’s real reality TV.




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