- - Tuesday, December 31, 2013


The end of 2013 will see the media weighing President Obama’s achievements against his failures. I think our president’s biggest achievement this year was failure.

The next time he holds a news conference, someone in the media corps should say, “Mr. President, name just one thing you’ve successfully achieved besides sticking to your scheduled vacations and golf dates. Ten words or less, sir; just one thing.”

Sadly for us, it appears this social-progressive, eight-year political comedy of errors will again be restaged by its Democratic Party owners and producers in 2016. This time they will recast it with a female lead. In the run-up to 2016, I’m sure the opportunity will present itself to the media, but will anyone in the Fourth Estate or an opposing political party find their voice and ask Hillary Rodham Clinton the one simple question she can’t answer, either? “Mrs. Clinton, can you name one thing you have accomplished for America, in or out of office, during your entire political career?”

Come one, now, Hillary. Just one, period.

Columbia, S.C.



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