- The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Georgia father was arrested and detained for 15 hours for allegedly stealing 5 cents’ worth of electricity to juice up his car at his son’s school.

Kaveh Kamooneh had driven his Nissan Leaf to Chamblee Middle School, where his 11-year-old son was playing tennis, local NBC affiliate WKYC-TV reported.

The father plugged his electric car into an exterior outlet at the school, but within about 20 minutes, a police officer showed up.

“He said that he was going to charge me with theft by taking because I was taking power, electricity from the school,” Mr. Kamooneh told the station.

Don Francis of Clean Cities Atlanta, an electric vehicle advocacy group, said that in about 20 minutes of charging, he probably only took about 5 cents’ worth of power, WKYC reported.

Eleven days later, officers showed up at Mr. Kamooneh’s house with an arrest warrant. He told the station he spent more than 15 hours in a jail cell.

“A theft is a theft,” said Chamblee police Sgt. Ernesto Ford, who added that he would “absolutely” arrest Mr. Kamooneh again. “What’s relevant here is that the man took something that did not belong to him.”



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