- Associated Press - Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Netflix said Wednesday that its Internet video service added 2 million U.S. subscribers during the final three months of the year to produce an unexpected profit for the company. Here’s a breakdown of Netflix Inc.’s subscribers as of Dec. 31 and details on its forecast:


_ 27.1 million in U.S., gain of 2.0 million during the fourth quarter

_ 6.1 million outside the U.S., gain of 1.8 million

_ 33.3 million total, gain of 3.9 million


_ 8.2 million in U.S., loss of 382,000. DVD service is not available in other countries.

Some U.S. customers have both plans and are counted twice. Netflix didn’t report the number of unique subscribers, as it had in previous quarters.

Forecast for the quarter through March:


_ 28.5 million to 29.2 million in U.S.

_ 6.6 million to 7.3 million outside U.S.


_ 7.6 million to 8.05 million in U.S.



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