- The Washington Times - Thursday, January 24, 2013

A college student warded off an intruder with his AR-15 early Tuesday morning in central New York.

Christopher Boise told 13WHAM-TV in Rochester that he heard a noise coming from the basement of his apartment. As he walked toward the source of the noise, he noticed two men standing downstairs. Mr. Boise immediately noticed a gun trained on him.

“They were waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs,” Mr. Boise said of the two intruders, who had entered the home through the basement window.

Mr. Boise screamed, alerting his roommate, Raymond.

“I heard one scream from him, and I knew it wasn’t like a ‘I stepped on a piece of glass’ kind of scream,” said Raymond, a student at Rochester Institute of Technology. “It was like something primal, I guess.”

Raymond, who omitted his last name, started unlocking his rifle when one of the men approached his door.

“By the time I had it out and ready, one of the men came at my door, slowly opened it, saw that there was a barrel on the other side and from there backed out,” he said.

No shots were fired and the intruders left.

Raymond said his legally owned AR-15 is used for sport, and was never needed for anything else until Tuesday.

“Without that gun that day, things could have went differently,” Raymond said.

“I’m happy he saved my life. I was very thankful he had” the gun, Mr. Boise said.

Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard told 13WHAM that BB rounds were found near the broken basement window. No arrests have been made.

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