- The Washington Times - Monday, January 7, 2013


Once again, a dysfunctional Congress has passed a dysfunctional bill under pressure from the resident-in-chief in the White House (“‘Fiscal cliff’ compromise deal betrays lack of courage,” Commentary, Monday). This bill does nothing to improve the economy of this country.

If this trend of huge tax hikes and no spending cuts continues, Mr. Obama will soon achieve his ultimate goal, turning the United States of America into the United Socialist States of America. Anyone who believes that the fiscal cliff was averted by this bill is mistaken. What’s coming next will make that crisis look like a bunny slope. We are headed for fiscal disaster if the people do not stop buying into the class warfare that’s been rapidly escalating during the past 18 months.

The president’s message of prosperity through income distribution or, as he calls it, “sharing the wealth,” is a fallacy. It is a socialist concept conceived to keep the populace under the government’s control. The former Soviet Union tried it and it failed. Versions of it have been used in England, France, Spain, Italy and Greece. Look at the mess they are in now. Do we want to go the same route? Higher taxes are not the answer. Successful people can only be pushed so far. At some point, they will take their businesses, wealth and expertise to another country that will appreciate them more.

America is no longer the country I grew up in. The opportunities and freedoms to live your dreams and enjoy the achievements that come from hard work are no longer valued. Most people are looking for the easy way out, and the government is happy to accommodate them for political gain. From my perspective, the changes I’ve seen in the more than eight decades I’ve been around is very disturbing. I see a government gone amok. Washington has become a den of vipers.


Piscataway, N.J.



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