- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel tells violent gang members to take their shootings to the alleys of Chicago. What is this guy thinking?

Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country, but they are obviously not working. These strict, draconian gun laws are aimed only at the law-abiding; they have nothing to do with the criminals. Let the honest, safe citizens carry guns. Let them go through all the background checks and paperwork necessary to carry legally. You will see the crime rate drop fast in Chicago.

Putting up signs saying “Gun-free zones” or “Take it to the alley” is not the answer. Do you really think a gang member cares about a sign? Anti-gun efforts are not paying off in Chicago. The gun-buyback programs are just feel-good measures put in place to make people feel safe. Actually, it occurs to me that what appears to be growing violent crime in Chicago is exactly what Mr. Emanuel and the Democratic machine in Chicago desire. They are hoping that the people “demand” some sort of police and/or military action. That would enable the politicians to extend even more control over the citizenry.

We’re supposed to accept a certain amount of terrorist incidents as unavoidable. Are we now supposed to acknowledge that gangs have their own turf where they can terrorize whomever they please, as long as they stay away from the children? I suppose the next step is to grant gangs political sovereignty over certain areas of Chicago and give them diplomatic immunity from prosecution.

Wake up, Chicago.


Clark, N.J.



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