- The Washington Times - Monday, June 17, 2013

For those Americans who support the Senate immigration-reform bill from the Gang of Eight: Illegal aliens are not so-called “undocumented immigrants.” Immigrants have legal residence, and illegal aliens do not have legal residence. Illegal aliens have documents — fake documents, altered official documents or stolen identity documents of American citizens.

The Senate immigration bill does not permit ICE agents to question illegal aliens as to the criminals or criminal organization that they paid to produce their false documents. (If allowed, the intelligence gathered and arrests made of illegal document-producing criminal groups would in of itself shut down most illegal immigration.)

Illegal aliens who apply for citizenship and who have stolen the identities of American citizens are not required to notify the American citizen whose identities they have stolen. They will also not be required to pay compensation for the financial losses as a result of their identity-theft crime. Illegal aliens will not be prosecuted for this crime, whereas American citizens who commit the same crime — identity theft — are subject to prosecution.

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Illegal aliens who apply for citizenship will not be prosecuted for lying on an income-tax return or not filing a return, mail fraud or wire fraud. American citizens are prosecuted for these same crimes.

More than 90 percent of illegal aliens have less than a 10th-grade education. Should they become citizens, most will not make enough income to be required to pay federal income taxes. As a result, they will receive money back from IRS, whereas they never paid any taxes in. This will cost the taxpayer hundreds of billions of dollars.

Mexican illegal aliens in the United States who do not have legal residence are required to pay Mexican federal income taxes. Failure to do so is a felony under Mexican law.


Metairie, La.

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