- The Washington Times - Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am not taking any side in this argument at this time, but I have to wonder, what is the sense of going to the polls and voting if one side or the other does not like what the vote says and then simply takes it up with the Supreme Court (“The right precedent?” Comment & Analysis, Tuesday).

If this is going to be the normal set of circumstances, why don’t we all dress alike and carry little black books filled with Supreme Court decisions? In this way, we won’t have to think at all. We can all just walk around with great big smiles on our faces (if the Supreme Court allows smiles) thinking of nothing because we won’t have to. A better idea: The government — to be appointed by the Supreme Court — can issue us all electronic notebooks with Internet access so we all know immediately what new decisions the Supreme Court has made.

We can change our name from the United States of America to Utopia and let the court be in charge of everything. We could even let them pick their own successors so we wouldn’t need politicians. (That part I like.)

I wonder, though: If we do go to this new system, will the Supreme Court order immediate lifetime prison sentences for anyone not using the cart corral at the local supermarket?


Woodbridge, Va.



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