- The Washington Times - Monday, March 4, 2013

The interior minister of Spain says he’s against same-sex marriage because it threatens the fate of the human species.

Jorge Fernandez Diaz made the comments — that gay unions don’t guarantee “the survival of the species,” United Press International reported — as Spain’s highest court upheld same-sex unions as constitutional.

Gay activists were outraged.

They point to the many children that have been born to same-sex couples via donors or surrogates as proof that the human species would continue, UPI reported.

Mr. Diaz, meanwhile, said his beliefs are only common sense — and shouldn’t be seen as controversial as religious arguments made in the gay marriage debate.

“There are rational arguments which say marriage of this type should not have the same social protection by public powers as normal and natural marriage,” he said, in the UPI report. “The survival of the species, for example, is not guaranteed.”



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