- The Washington Times - Wednesday, March 6, 2013


As President Obama warns us of doom and gloom, Secretary of State John F. Kerry just wrote a quarter-billion-dollar check to Muslim Brotherhood-backed Egyptian leader Mohammed Morsi (“New U.S. aid package of $250 million for Egypt fuels debate over support,” Web, Monday). What kind of Washington math is this?

We either don’t have money, as “Chicken Little” Obama says, or we do. Why are the president and the State Department supplying money, jet planes and tanks to Egypt, a country run by a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? It seems that Mr. Morsi doesn’t believe in democracy. He is now in complete control of the Egyptian government, and his decisions are final. Mr. Morsi is the one the current administration helped into power.

I wonder what they need these long-range jets and tanks for? All I can say is, Israel, watch your back. The United States is now supplying the Muslim Brotherhood, the king of all terrorist organizations.


Chesapeake, Va.



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