- - Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Our military personnel are used as background props for President Obama’s speeches, but they have not been given fair treatment or support. The delay in the Afghanistan surge, the early troop withdrawals and the rules of engagement cost many lives and injuries to our military personnel.

While Mr. Obama says he values those serving in the armed forces, his administration’s labeling the Fort Hood shooting that killed and injured our military “workplace violence” was a disservice to the victims and their families, and the failure to protect or attempt to rescue our personnel in Benghazi, Libya, are factual examples of the Obama administration’s actions.

The administration went one step further by proposing a 1 percent military pay raise instead of a 1.8 percent raise because of sequestration. Those who volunteer to serve and risk their lives deserve better. Congress, with the people’s support, needs to stop the decimation of our military and ensure servicemen are fairly compensated, receive their benefits and have full support in carrying out their missions.


Centerville, Mass.



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