- The Washington Times - Saturday, April 12, 2014

A contestant’s Achilles heel on Wheel of Fortune was that he couldn’t pronounce ‘Achilles’ on Friday. A student from Indiana University missed a chance to win $1 million dollars, a car, and a trip to London when he embarrassingly botched two puzzles.

The contestant, Julian, managed to guess every letter to complete the phrase “Mythological Hero Achilles,” but did not read it correctly to solve the puzzle and win $1 million and a trip to London, Mediaite reported.

Unfortunately, Julian mispronounced “Achilles” as “A-chill-us” and host Pat Sajak couldn’t give him credit for the answer. The next contestant pronounced the name correctly and won the round.

Later in the show, Julian guessed almost every letter in the puzzle in the “person” category and could have won a car, but he managed to miss out again.

The only two letters left in the puzzle were the “m” and “n” in the phrase, “The World’s Fastest Man.” However, Julian incorrectly guessed the letter “c” and once again the next contestant swooped in to solve the puzzle after Julian’s failed attempt.



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