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It would be nice to read an article about a business firm involved in fraud that has not received federal funding (“Environmental firm cited in Chevron fraud case got federal contracts,” Web, April 10). The Stratus Consulting debacle could have any firm’s name attached to it. Any solar-panel charlatan, wind-farm blowhard or oil-drilling oligarch could be the defendant. Why is that?

President Obama’s group of Cabinet secretaries have long established a plan to redistribute wealth — not to the poor, but to Democratic Party bosses and friends. Anyone with an envelope and a stamp can get money if he can deliver enough votes.

It makes no difference if the science is bogus or the plan is idiotic. The problem also exists with the review and oversight of these financial windfalls. Who is watching?

We always hear the title inspector general of this or that agency. How about “inspector sergeant major”? We know that it’s the sergeants who run the Army, so why not give them the power? They seem to be the only ones that can make things work.

It’s not just the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, it’s any agency more concerned with team-building parties at Disneyland than their obligations to the American people.

In the private sector, these so-called “professionals” would have a contract that usually requires some sort of performance with legal obligations. If these were violated, there would be consequences. In the public sector, these ham-handed dilettantes are appointed and given a blank check to abuse the taxpayer. If they are caught, they just resign and go somewhere else to do the same thing on a government pension.

Our next president must be able to understand the definition and deep meaning of the words accountability and responsibility.



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