- - Friday, April 18, 2014


Apparently if we don’t support President Obama in everything he proposes, we are racist in the minds of the media. However, the fact that Mr. Obama was elected in the first place is proof that the majority of Americans are not racist.

I would have enthusiastically voted for Alan Keyes or Dr. Ben Carson without reservation. My distrust of Mr. Obama and his administration is a matter of questioning the motivation of an angry president and first lady doing everything they can to take down America as we once knew it, a place with men and women of substance who actually contributed to society.

The sad part of all of this is that President George W. Bush was selling us out in his own way, but I doubt Mr. Bush enjoyed taking America down as much as Mr. Obama seems to be enjoying his ruination of the country. Mr. Obama’s father would likely be very proud of him. It is revealing to see Mr. Obama ignore the millions of illegals swarming across our borders while trying to eradicate the last productive cattle farmer in southern Nevada to keep the Chinese solar-farm people happy. And Mr. Obama and Attorney General Eric H. Holder talk about the rule of law?


Towanda, Pa.



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