- - Wednesday, April 2, 2014


It is perplexing to see how divorced both the press and politicians are when it comes to the most significant human problems generated by that Trojan equine of the Democrats, Obamacare.

We are bombarded daily with White House spin that utterly hides the ultimate disaster now only beginning to unfold. However, the Republicans play along.

True, the GOP has its facts straight on the liberal lies concerning enrollment and the various website incompetencies, but everyone is missing the sad truth.

Let’s use as an example a person living in New York City. This person has several, very severe medical conditions, but only part-time, sporadic work. She carries unfathomable student-loan debt, cannot support fundamental needs, nor pay her taxes. She has amassed a mountain of doctor, emergency room, lab and ambulance debts. There is absolutely zero assistance available for her.

Now comes the would-be promise of help from Obamacare. She enters the New York portal, which even today is flawed and requires multiple revisits. Once there, she finds that the plans are utterly worthless. Nevertheless, she is congratulated because she has plans available to her.

She is now beginning to realize the massive distinction between the Democrats’ idea of “health coverage” versus actual health care. So here is her best option: a monthly premium of $300 and a deductible of $3,000. Drugs, services, etc., are afforded limited coverage only after the deductible is met.

Aside from the fact that she cannot bring her doctors or hospitals under any plan umbrella, here is how it shakes down: After the deductible is met, she pays not a $50 co-pay per service visit, but 50 percent of the cost of every visit. This includes everything: ambulances, emergency-room visits, surgical procedures and treatments of any kind.

The drug formularies are scant and their co-pays are very high, similar in intent with the percentages cited above. An ambulance taking her to the nearest emergency room is, as is the ER itself, 100 percent not covered if it is not “in network.”

Our fictitious patient now realizes that this is not anything like insurance, it is not affordable and it will never help her obtain actual medical treatments.

Perhaps these considerations are too tedious for many folks, but the press and our representatives all should (or sadly, probably do) know better.

This woman is typical, and she will not receive an iota of health care under the current “system.” Sadly, she would have to pony up $3,900 next year just to pay 50 percent of whatever comes along.

President Obama thinks he has done a wonderful thing. After all, our fictitious patient now counts as newly “insured.”


Wilmington, N.C.



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