- - Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Isn’t it nice that President Obama and his court of ministers still consider chosen lawmakers stakeholders in the selective enforcement of existing laws that define the violation of our borders as “illegal” (“U.S. weighs curbing deportations,” Web, April 22).

Never mind that said law already prescribes the penalties for its violation. How silly of us to bother with remembering a Constitution that states that the president’s authority extends only to enforcement of laws enacted by Congress, with interpretation of that law delegated to the judiciary.

Sadly, for now we can only watch as the people we elected to that Congress pretend they have to file a lawsuit begging the judiciary to remind Mr. Obama of the legal extent of his power, while only Mr. Obama controls the resources to uphold that law. No one seems to remember that Article 1, Section 2, of our Constitution gives the House “the sole Power of Impeachment” designed to control just such abuse of power.

While Mr. Obama’s Democratic Senate would still have to convict the president of those articles of impeachment, they cannot simply refuse to act (as they do now) without fully eliminating the pretext that our government is constrained by that founding covenant with the people and states being governed.


Sterling, Va.

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