- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 24, 2014

Russian lawmakers have moved a step toward banning curse words in movies — as well as in plays, concerts and most other publicly shown theatrical productions.

Violators could be fined, BBC reported.

The ban was been passed in the lower level of Russia’s parliament, but it still needs the OK from the higher level and from President Vladimir Putin. If he signs, the prohibition would go forth in July, BBC reported.

A special panel will decide what constitutes a swear word. Already on the list is “hrenovina,” a “colorful expression for nonsense,” according to BBC. The word’s already been bleeped from one popular Russian movie, “Garage.”

Bloggers could impacted by the ban, too.

The lower house of lawmakers gave the thumbs-up to applying the ban to any blogger who has 3,000 or more visitors per day.

The swear-word prohibition comes on the heels of Mr. Putin’s recent approval for a law that punishes those who pass along “homosexual propaganda” to minors — a rule widely regarded as a crackdown on gays.



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