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Well, that didn’t take long. Doll, Brynn and Kitten Young, a lesbian trio, have declared themselves the world’s first “throuple.” The Massachusetts women claim to be “married” and await their first child. Massachusetts doesn’t recognize “throuple marriage” yet, but the year is young. When the Supreme Court eviscerated authentic marriage last year, this was foretold. There’s already an organized movement, led by college professors, for what might be called “grouple” marriage.

The British tabloids report that Doll, 30, and Brynn, 34, were dating for 2 years when they met Kitten, 27, through a website for couples who think two is at least one too few. The trio tied the “knot” last year. “In our eyes, we’re married,” Brynn told The London Sun. “We had specialist lawyers draw up paperwork so our assets are equally divided.”

Kitten is now pregnant with the first of the three children they’re hoping to raise together. No word yet on who the father might be.

Justice Antonin Scalia warned of such mischief when his colleagues tossed out the Defense of Marriage Act. “By formally declaring anyone opposed to same-sex marriage an enemy of human decency,” he wrote in his dissent in United States v. Windsor, “the majority arms well every challenger to a state law restricting marriage to its traditional definition.”

Justice Scalia predicted in 2003 that the majority decision in Lawrence v. Texas, striking down a law making sodomy ilegal, would become the battering ram to eliminate prohibitions on bigamy, same-sex marriage, adult incest, prostitution, bestiality and obscenity, among other things.

That’s yesterday’s news, however, for Kitten, Doll and Brynn, who say they only want to demolish the stigma against polygamy. “The three of us have been brave enough to stand tall and go against what society calls normal,” Brynn told another tabloid, The London Daily Mail. ” … and we deserve the rights afforded to others.”

The three Youngs are the latest example of what Justice Scalia correctly identifies as the snowball picking up speed as it hurtles downhill. Lesbian activist Masha Gessen lifted the veil on the radical homosexual agenda when she told a Sydney, Australia, audience in May 2012 that same-sex marriage is “a lie.”

“Fighting for gay marriage,” she said, “generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there,” adding, “It’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist.” Noting that she has “three children with five parents,” Ms. Gessen said, “I don’t see why they shouldn’t have five parents legally.”

Recent rulings by liberal federal judges invalidating state bans on same-sex marriage in Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and elsewhere are on hold while on appeal. The Youngs and Ms. Gessen are Exhibits A and B for why such bans must be restored if the concept of marriage is to retain any meaning at all.

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