- The Washington Times - Sunday, April 27, 2014


The man who titled his memoir “Unintimidated” could very well win his re-election come November. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker currently leads his Democratic challenger Mary Burke 48 percent to 45 percent says a new Public Policy Polling survey of voters in the state. And he remains the tough candidate who always has “the upper hand.”

Mr. Walker’s likely victory in November would be significant. Analysts have already framed his campaign and re-election as a full dress rehearsal for a possible White House run in 2016.

Ms. Burke’s approval numbers have been up, and her name recognition has increased, the survey found.

“Nevertheless Walker has shown that he will be tough to beat,” an analysis of the findings says, citing Mr. Walker’s 50 percent approval rating among all voters.

He has the support of 93 percent of Republicans, a near equal amount of conservatives, 45 percent of independents and 41 percent of moderates. Even 12 percent of both liberals and Democrats give him the thumbs up.

“This poll pretty much sums up the Wisconsin governor’s races over the last four years,” said Dean Debnam, President of the polling group. “It’s always close, but Scott Walker always has the upper hand.”



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