- - Monday, April 28, 2014


President Obama is bypassing Congress so he can create laws that he knows will be debated. Now he wants to rewrite the deportation laws (“Subverting immigration laws in the name of reform,” Web, April 25).

Illegal aliens are people who have crossed the border without paperwork authorizing them to be in America. That is the first law they have broken, and just for that they need to be sent back to the countries they came from.

Mr. Obama needs to enforce the immigration laws we already have. I don’t buy that the laws “don’t work.” If they don’t work, it’s because the president and other people in the government do not want to enforce them. When you catch an illegal, and he doesn’t have a reason to be here, he should be deported; end of story. Government doesn’t have the right to ignore our laws.

Mr. Obama needs to go through Congress, and not do things on his own. Also, states should not be making laws so illegals can stay here. Some states are giving illegals benefits such as in-state school tuition rates, driver’s licenses and health care.

Finally, we need to secure our borders. How many times do we need to talk about this? We can’t take care of our legal citizens now. Look how many people are on food stamps and how many are out of jobs. We can’t afford to keep illegals here, too.


Sacramento, Calif.



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