- - Friday, April 4, 2014


A recent story ran alongside an AP picture of a Catholic bishop serving Holy Communion to a Mexican through a border fence (“Bishops celebrate Mass along Mexico border,” Nation, April 2). I can understand a priest giving Holy Communion through prison bars, but giving it through a border fence, which is used to maintain the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the United States, is political theater.

Does the bishop’s action imply that citizens of Mexico are in a prison? Does the church think the people of the United States should simply allow anyone to enter this country without the proper documentation? Does Mexico allow Americans to walk across the border and start working in that country? The answer to all three questions is a resounding no.

As a Catholic, I am appalled that the sacrifice of the Mass and Holy Communion are being used to advance a political agenda; namely, open borders. If the Catholic bishops think Mexico is a prison, they should cross the border and minister to the prisoners on that side of the border.





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