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Rep. Jim Moran, Virginia Democrat, is retiring after spending over 20 years in Congress. He thinks he and his overworked colleagues are underpaid. They get a measly $174,000 a year salary, so it’s unreasonable for us to expect them to pay for things like a house in Washington, D.C.; dinners at all those expensive restaurants; or Obamacare.

Well, after listening to his lively speech, he’s inspired me and changed my mind.

I say, Let’s give each member of Congress ONE MILLION DOLLARS a year!

But there’s a catch:

Catch No. 1. No more naming buildings after self, friends, family, contributors or business buddies. This goes for bridges, post offices, courthouses, schools, roads and highways ANYTHING where a guy with a big ego can get you and I to pay for a grand monument to his or her “legacy.”

Catch No. 2. The congressional insider trading scam ends now. Too many members of Congress are getting rich serving the public, by using our money for their gain.

Now I’m sure you’re saying, “But Rusty you must be nuts, a million dollars a year for these idiots?! Have you made a ‘Mary Jane’ run to Washington state and are high on the ganja that George Soros wants us all to be hooked on?”  No, I don’t think these “leaders” deserve an extra nickel but I figure $535,000,000 a year against what they’re spending now on themselves, we’d be getting off cheap!

Mr. Moran: “The Congress is the board of directors for the largest free economy in the world and the largest economic entity.”

That’s not a “fact” at all Congressman Moron, I’m mean Moran. That’s kooky.  America is not a single company, and Congress is not our board of directors. Not even CLOSE. If they really do think of themselves that way, it might explain why the country is in so much trouble, especially since most politicians couldn’t figure out how to make a profit selling carrots to snowmen.

The “board of directors” of a company would be expected to produce a budget, unlike Congress these days. And it would have to balance. They wouldn’t be able to unload scam products like ObamaCare on their customers.

Also, America isn’t a single economic entity, and thank God for that. We’re filled with thousands of companies, millions of people, who cooperate and compete. The LAST thing we’d ever need is a bunch of directors in Washington trying to manage everything.

But maybe we should take Rep. Moran up on his offer, and start treating Congress like the board of directors for America Inc. How about if we change their pay package so it’s based on the national gross domestic product, the unemployment rate, and the deficit? If they give us a growing economy with low unemployment and a balanced budget, we will give them a sweet bonus. Otherwise, they’ll have to do a lot of belt-tightening — just like we do.

If politicians want to get treated like business tycoons, they should accept the responsibilities of a businessman, too. Responsibilities? That’s no fun. It’s a lot more fun to spend other peoples money to keep your cushy little job, no matter what you’re paid.

What do you think — a million dollar a year salary for Congress or would you give them a pay cut? Also, what laws would you change so that Congress could make a million dollars a year? Comment here at washingtontimes.com and until our next briefing, this is The Rusty Humphries Rebellion.

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