- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A big-time donation player to the Republican Party who famously said that aspirin placed between a woman’s knees sufficed as birth control back in his day is back in the news again — this time, for a video aimed at taking down Obamacare starring none other than Adolf Hitler.

The video by Foster Friess is on his so-named website and spans almost four minutes, Politico reported.

The scene: Hitler is informed that his chosen doctor is now outside his network due to the new health care law.

So Hitler says, in the video, via subtitles that run beneath clips of the German movie, “Downfall,” Politico reported: “I don’t want a Jew like Feingold poking around my bum. Just make an appointment with Dr. Steiner.”

Then Hitler’s aides — obviously nervous — remind that Mr. Steiner is no longer in the dictator’s network. Hitler blows his top, screaming that President Obama “said, ‘if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,’ ” and then continuing to list all the issues that have cropped due to Obamacare.

The video spot is titled, “Humorous parody of Hitler realizing he can’t keep his doctor under Obamacare,” Politico reported.

Mr. Freiss, who backed Sen. Rick Santorum for president in 2012, came under fire for quipping that aspirin put “between knees” served as effective birth control for “gals … back in my day,” Politico wrote. He apologized for the statement at a later date.



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