- The Washington Times - Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nearly five months after Alec Baldwin was fired by MSNBC for using anti-gay slurs, the actor has again waded into troubled waters by sending a homophobic tweet to a former Mitt Romney aide.

First reported by Buzzfeed, Mr. Baldwin got into it with former Romney aide Garrett Jackson after the actor sent out a tweet criticizing the Keystone XL pipeline documentary “Above All Else.”

“The film ABOVE ALL ELSE shows how oil, and keystone in particular, destroy our lives,” Mr. Baldwin said.

Mr. Jackson replied, “Need to do a film on how you and Hollywood distort our lives.”

The two went back and forth for a bit until Mr. Baldwin noticed Mr. Jackson’s avatar photo.

“You’re on your knees in that photo. What’s up with that, Garrett?” the actor asked.

“Ha! While I am down there I will pick up the pieces of your failed show,” the former aide answered.

“While you’re on your knees, you can polish my Emmys,” Mr. Baldwin concluded before deleting the tweets.

“Glad @ABFalecbaldwin agent finally got to him to tell him to stop. Noticed he has deleted the on the knees tweet,” Mr. Jackson said.



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