- - Wednesday, April 9, 2014


After naming Pope Francis “Person of the Year” in 2013, the gay community now directs its wrath at the pope’s stance on marriage. Such misapprehension disappears when we allow the Bill of Rights to resolve the marriage issue.

For tens of millions of Jewish, Christian and Muslim believers, First Amendment rights vanish with advancement of homosexual marriage into their beliefs. For them scholarship concludes homosexual relationships separate believers from God.

The Old Testament, holy to “People of the Book,” speaks of the character, identity and purpose of God in a manner continually addressing homosexuality. God is identified as masculine and all humans as feminine in relation to Him.

After creating all things, God created the single institution of heterosexual marriage to emphasize the love relationship He desires with all humanity. For believers, any subsequent reasoning from Scripture must derive from that basic understanding.

Focusing on first principles regarding marriage renders contrary arguments of fairness and tolerance — as well as pecuniary arguments regarding taxes and social welfare — irrelevant. All can be managed by the elegant expressions and endless tomes legislators luxuriate in creating on issues from plastic bags to health care. The Constitution allows civil institutions to move in popular directions and still protect spiritual faith.


Eugene, Ore.



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