- - Thursday, August 14, 2014

Breitbart News dubbed them “The Lesbian Bridezillas.” They’re two women in Pennsylvania who want to force the proprietor of a Christian bridal shop to make gowns for their wedding. The owner politely refused, saying “we feel we have to answer to God for what we do, and providing those two girls dresses for a sanctified marriage would break God’s law.”

So the lesbian couple took to Facebook and got an Internet mob going, pushing online reviews for the bridal shop down to one-star stink bombs. The shop is basically closed now, taking new business by appointment only. Their web site is gone. The town council is thinking about passing an ordinance to compel all bridal businesses to serve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered customers. That will leave serious religious people with no choice but to shut down their shops. They’ll be driven out of the town square.

That’s some really nice “tolerance” there, LGBT folks! You’d be screaming loud enough to bring mountains tumbling down if anyone treated you that way.

Of course, you’d probably say your practices and beliefs are sacred. These religious crazies don’t count. They have no rights, and deserve no respect.  There are plenty of other bridal shops in that Pennsylvania town, but the bridezillas decided to target and destroy a business owned by a Christian because they don’t respect her beliefs. They might be graciously willing to allow her to practice her faith in a basement somewhere, but she has to dump them like dirty laundry before she enters polite society.

Warnings about this sort of thing were issued years ago, when the gay marriage engine started moving forward, and its proponents said “No way, we’d never dream of forcing anyone to violate their beliefs!” Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before activists hunted down every last dissenter and forced them to recant their unacceptable beliefs.

Our national culture went from treating religious faith as a respectable institution to dismissing it as an eccentric hobby, and now they treat it like a form of mental illness … much as homosexuality was treated a few decades ago, to the understandable dismay of gay people. Religious freedom is a quaint old notion now. You might be allowed to keep a little of it, but only if the elites decide your beliefs meet their standard for being really serious. You certainly won’t be allowed to cite your conscience as an excuse for escaping from any part of the Big Government agenda.

“Tolerance” is a big idea. It requires having a little respect for people you disagree with, making a little room for them to live and breathe. But there isn’t much private space left for anyone, because bullying is fun, and the Internet makes it really easy to organize a flash mob. They don’t even have to trouble themselves with writing letters or showing up at protests - they can push people around with a few mouse clicks, maybe a Tweet or two.

For your lack of tolerance of others and aggressively trying to shut down a business, not because they were subpar but because they didn’t believe in lock step with your desires. You, “The Lesbian Bridezillas,” are The Liberal Bully Of The Week.

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