- - Thursday, August 14, 2014


My job is to go into state government agencies and fix problems. In 10 years, I have yet to find an instance in which more money was needed. I came right to my computer to write a letter to the editor when I heard about the decision to send $16 billion to the Veterans Administration (“Obama signs VA bill to open outside care to veterans,” Web, Aug. 7).

I am not trying to bash anyone on Capitol Hill or the administration. The issue is having good administrators who understand their place as public servants, and aggressive leadership that believes in public service as an honorable profession. The worst thing you can call me is a bureaucrat. To me, that word means “someone who takes up a seat to earn a check and couldn’t care less about their bosses, the taxpayers.”

I have fired more bureaucrats than most people, which is what needs to be done at the VA. Give me a shot at running that “sacred” agency, save our $16.8 billion and within two years, I would have the VA running like a Rolex.

As with most wars, you need ground troops for the micro-organizing and a visionary leader for the macro-restructuring. It’s all about the right people, President Obama. I am not from a wealthy family, so I would not ordinarily get a shot at running a federal agency, but this being America, like a child at Christmas, I still believe in the dream. I am a phone call away, Mr. President.





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