- The Washington Times - Monday, August 18, 2014

Rep. Peter King, New York Republican, said Monday he believes the U.S. will need to put “some troops” on the ground in the near future in order to truly work to stabilize the ongoing crisis in Iraq.

Mr. King said he’s supported President Obama’s launching targeted airstrikes to support the Iraqi security forces against efforts from the Islamic State group but such moves are “piecemeal” measures.

Mr. King said he would support the president if he feels troops are needed — and said that the U.S. will need “some troops.”

“I don’t think we need large amounts,” said Mr. King, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee. “I think by arming the Kurds and by working with the Iraqi army, by having [good] leadership in there that we can do it, and also massive use of our air power — all of that together, I believe, is sufficient without any large number of ground troops at all.”

Mr. King says he understands many Americans are war-weary after more than a decade of involvement in the region, but that part of being a leader involves telling the American people of the consequences if the U.S. does not act.

“Nobody wants to see another 9/11, and that’s what could happen here if we don’t take action,” he said.



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