- - Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why have House Republicans not passed articles of impeachment against President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and the entire Obama administration? The current White House has usurped the powers granted by the Constitution to Congress to pass laws and the powers granted by the Constitution to the executive branch to execute those laws.

This is not a racial issue, unless one believes that Mr. Obama should not be impeached because he is the first black U.S. president. If Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, both white, were impeached for “crimes” that had no effect on public policy, it is absurd to say that an impeachment based on Mr. Obama’s violations of the law and Constitution — both of which have affected public policy — would be undertaken only because he is black. To say as much is the real racism.

It should be obvious to all that changing a law passed by Congress more than 40 times without congressional approval is a violation of the Constitution. Congress passes a law, and the president executes that law as written. I think that if asked, the overwhelming majority of Americans would say they think the president has violated the law and Constitution. I also think they would say they do not believe the president to be above the law. Therefore, Mr. Obama should be impeached, along with his co-conspirators in the administration. I do not think any Democrat up for re-election wants to have to answer those questions.


Newport News, Va.

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